"You want a Jewish Christmas?
You got a Jewish Christmas!"

In a well-meaning but misguided attempt to be "inclusive", Christian society has cast Chanukah in the role of the "Jewish Christmas", replete with Chanukah bushes in the place of Christmas trees.  To liberate our ancient holiday from this false role, we introduce a new holiday, the true Jewish Christmas, Jewsmas. Now leave Chanukah the hell alone!

Jewsmas in the News: Jewsmas has been featured on radio stations across the country, including KUOW's The Conversation, NPR's Weekend America (listen), 103.7 The Mountain (listen), SexLife Live and, in 2003, on KUOW's Rewind (listen).  Please contact if you would like an interview on your station!

Please let us know if you are planning a local Jewsmas celebration and be sure to take pictures.


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